Premium Gift For New Mummies

Premium Gift For New Mummies

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Get this Premium Bundle deal as a Gift of Health & Well Wishes for the New Mummy! 

Inside this bundle:                                                                                                                2 x Chocolate Rye Oat Lactation Biscotti (240gram)                                                     1 x Chocolate Rye Oat Lactation (35gram)                                                                       2 x Wolf Date Multigrain Biscotti (240gram)                                                                     1 x Wolf Date Multigrain (35gram)              

Packaging information: 

240 gram Approximately 50-54 pieces in the airtight tub
35 gram Approximately 7-9 pieces in the resealable packet


Our Biscotti have a shelf life of one year. Once opened, best consumed within two weeks.

Storage advice:  Airtight, dry, room temperature and away from direct sunlight.