Gift Box for 4 Tubs Biscotti/Cookies

Gift Box for 4 Tubs Biscotti/Cookies

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Prices of Biscotti/Cookies varies, here are the range of pricing for our bakes! 

$17 per Tub 

1) Chocolate Chips Cookies (200gm) 

$19 per Tub

1) Almond Crunch Cookies (200gm)

2) Butter Cherry Cookies (240gm)

$20 per Tub

1) Tutti Frutti Cookies (250gm)

2) Almond Biscotti (Signature) (240gm)

3) Almond Cranberry Biscotti (240gm)

$22 per Tub 

1) Blueberry Almond Biscotti (240gm)

2) Double Chocolate Biscotti (240gm)

3) Mango Coconut Biscotti (240gm)

4) Pistachio Biscotti (240gm)

5) Pistachio Chocolate Biscotti (240gm)

6) Trio Nut Biscotti (240gm)

7) Wolf Dates Multigrain Biscotti (240gm)

$25 per Tub

1) Chocolate Rye Oat (Lactation) Biscotti (240gm) 

2) Cashew Mulberry (Eggless) with Butterfly Pea Flower Biscotti (240gm)

3) Pecan Cherry (Eggless) with Beetroot Biscotti (240gm)