Our Story

Introducing bake&bake’s Biscotti

 While Biscotti is rare to be found made in Singapore, bake&bake specializes in encapsulating flavour and curating each one to perfection.

Biscotti is the plural form of an Italian word biscotto which means “twice baked” and with a twist of local singlish humour, “twice baked” came across to our Founder’s (Anson Goh) mind as “bake&bake”.

Anson has been gaining experience baking pastries by working as a baker in a couple of hotel and restaurant since 2002. In 2008, he decided to leave the F&B industry with a heavy heart as he was progressing too slowly due to lack of professional certification/training. Not wanting to give up his passion, Anson started home baking by curating his own recipe to bake yummy treats for friends and family. Slowly, based on the recommendations of his friends and family, requests came flowing in for various types of biscotti, cookies, cupcakes, loaf cakes and even customized cakes for special occasions. Of all the pastries he baked,  Biscotti was his favourite with it being a healthier snack option that still taste so good as one of the many reasons. With dreams of setting up a Biscotti specialty bakery, his commitment to achieving his dream drove him to bake into the wee hours of the morning during festive seasons to add towards his start-up fund.

After years of selling his pastries solely through word of mouth, Anson quit his full-time job in January 2017 and focused on setting up bake&bake, specializing only in Biscotti.


"Best and Biggest Biscotti Manufacturer in Singapore and all of Asia." 

Our mission is to create a Biscotti eating culture here in Singapore and moving across Asia and provide the consumers with a healthier snacking option. 

Our beliefs here at bake&bake is to bake with great integrity so as to provide our customer with Biscotti of great quality and value. 

For wholesale/collaboration/general inquiries, please send it to hello@bakeandbakesg.com