1. Do you ship internationally?

We currently only deliver within Singapore. 


2. Can you split my order and deliver them on 2 different days or 2 different locations?

No, we are unable to deliver to two different addresses for one order. Please make two different orders for such instances.


3. Where else can I buy your products?

Our production store is located at Macpherson Mall, #02-08. Occasionally, we do have roadshows/pop up events around Singapore, do follow us on our Instagram @bakeandbake_singapore or Facebook - Bake And Bake to know our whereabouts! 


4. Can I cancel an order or get a refund?

Orders are strictly non-refundable. 


5. Can I pay cash on delivery?

No, we will only deliver when payment is made in full. 


6. How many days in advance do I need to place my order?

Please order at least 3-5 working days in advance to avoid express shipping charges. 


7. Do you guys customize orders?

Yes, we do customize packaging for your special occasion such as weddings, baby full month, birthdays or Festive gifting! Call or WhatsApp us at +65 96708007 to find out more!


8. Are your products Halal Certified?

Our products are not Halal Certified. However, our products contains no pork, no lard, and no meat product used. 


9. Are your products certified gluten-free or allergen-free?

No. We use Wheat Flour, Tree Nuts, Dairy in our Kitchen. Please check the ingredient list carefully or contact us at 9670 8007 for any doubts/inquiry.


10. How do I store the Biscotti to maintain its freshness after opening? 

On our packaging, it is stated that our Biscotti must be consumed within two weeks after opening. However, if you are able to seal it airtight, keep it in a dry, room temperature, away from sunlight environment, our Biscotti can be eaten up to 2-3 weeks after opening.  It may not be as fresh and crunchy as compared to the moment you opened it, but it will still be edible. You can put them in the oven for a couple of minutes to make it crunchy again.