Twin #5 - Krystal & Kaelan Chan!

Hello Baby Krystal & Kaelan! 

"Our first try on Biscotti and we cannot stop ūüėč. It's crunchy and cut in thin slice for our tiny mouths. To model bake&bake's new launch biscotti , mummy dressed us up like stars but we only want to munch more biscotti!

Mummy, Irene, has so much to share about her lovely twins! The elder twin, Krystal (aka Chilla Padi), has a thing for remote controllers. She can differentiate the dummy and the real active ones. Likes to switch on and off the lights and air condition!¬†As for her little Kaelan, he loves to throw objects on hard flooring just to hear the sound bouncing back! Also, the crowing of rooster tickles him!¬†We can only imagine the chaos when Krystal is playing with the remote and Kaelan throwing things on the floor! Śä†ś≤Ļ Mummy Irene! They are so active and enjoy learning things, that's a great start to a wonderful life ahead with these two!¬†

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