Twin #10 - Sung Rui Xi & Sung Le Rui!

Introducing 21 months old Rui Xi & Le Rui! 

"Good things come in pairs, just like #SungTwinnies and #bakeandbakesg's new Twin Flavour Cashew Mulberry with Butterfly Pea flower and Pecan Cherry with Beetroot juice Biscotti! It's naturally delicious that Jiejie even raises her toe to emphasize the goodness! Double the flavours for double the happiness!"

Older by just 1 minute - elder sister, Rui Xi, loves to explore new food! Her mummy, Helaine shared with us, "Give her anything and she will try it no matter how it looks or smells like!" That's a foodie in the making and we all love a great foodie don't we? 

Little brother, Le Rui, on the other hand, acts like a big brother and takes good care of his elder sister whom he calls "JieJie". He loves hugging JieJie and will meltdown if JieJie doesn't let him hold her hand!

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