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"Biscotti? how nice can it be?" if you've tried Bake & Bake's Biscotti, you'll literally swallow that sentence back. Their Biscotti are lacto-ovo and taste super good! Great for a simple breakfast or coffee break! get em!

Jansen Chan

I happen to walk pass bake&bake today,happen to someone open the door n the smell was so nice that really draw me into the store.. so I decided to give it a try, that this gentleman and lady who let me try on the product n intro me different flavour of biscotti. So I try the almond and purchase it, few minutes later I went in again to purchase pistachio... I should said it was my first time trying biscotti n the feeling was fantastic. I will definitely be back for more biscotti. Please do support them.

Felixia Deng

Best biscotti ever!

き リーサン

We got It as a gift. Can't get better than that.

Ralph Vetea Lee

Biscotti so delicious and wholesome. Don't feel guilty for eating too much at all!

Marilyn Chua